GenesysNext high efficiency dryingThe new generation dryer for rPET

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GenesysNext is the high performance, fully automatic, single-hopper drying system that optimises the production process of PET preforms. It has been specifically designed to reach advanced optimisation of energy consumption thanks to a new configuration of the regeneration circuit and a new heating power recovery system.

This innovative dryer is also featured by the PETformance system. It introduces for the first time the concept of a direct connection between the drying and the injection processes, thanks to GenesysNext capability to read the injection process in real time and to minimise and stabilise it on the set value. In this way, the target is maximum efficiency of the complete production process with scrap rate reduced to the minimum level.

GenesysNext represents the state of the art in drying systems for preform, creating a new standard. The cost for good preform produced is now reduced to a minimum level considering the main advantages: minimum waste of material due to scrap, lowest energy consumption and minimum labour cost, since the system is fully automatic. Moisture Minder, the on-line instrument for the measurement of residual humidity in plastic chips, is now integrated in the GenesysNext control.

GenesysNext is also a step toward circular economy: with PureTech filtration system, available as an option, it allows an advance filtration of the VOC system that can be present in the process air. This is especially required in case of recycled materials that can release low boiling substances during the heating or injection process. PureTech filtration system guarantees that every preform produced is contaminant-free. This system also protects the desiccant towers, ensures consistent performance rates rand a longer machine life.


● New user-friendly interface and powerful control
● PETformance system, to minimise scrap rate
● PureTech filtration system for the processing of any kind of rPET
● Integration of Moisture Minder data
● Energy consumption optimization thanks to the new regeneration circuit
● New control architecture for the control of a complete PET bay


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