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Come join our presentation at 16:40, 9 March 2021

Wide pack pasion week

Piovan Group will take part at Pack Passion Week 2021, the 2nd fully digital, virtual conference taking place on 9 - 11 March 2021. During this online event organized by PETnology, hundreds of dedicated packaging experts will join online to listen to the latest developments in the packaging industry and on recycled materials usage.

On 9 March, within the session dedicated to the Circular economy & Managing increased demand and usage of r-PET, Mr. Aldo Gallo, PET division Manager at Piovan, will deliver a speech entitled "Manufacturing PET preforms with high levels of recycled PET. How to run it with the most adequate approach?”. During the online session, he will talk about the need of preform converters and fillers that use recycled materials.

With the increased usage of recycled materials in fact, preform converters and bottlers using recycled materials have to face more and more variables, due the potential VOCs released once handled along the drying and the injection process.

A highly efficient PET drying system ensures general process stability. Also, the detailed analysis of the acetaldehyde and benzene contents in preforms and r-PET pellets before processing, provides a consistent quality of preforms, production lot tracking and certification.

Mr. Aldo Gallo will present Piovan's drying solutions that minimize the scrap rate and offer a stable VOC filter system. Another focus will be on the spectrum of analysis devices.


Join our presentation on 9 March at 16:40.

Visit Pack Passion Week website to attend the online conference.



Piovan Group President’s message

23 March 2020 S. Maria di Sala, Venice, Italy

Dear Partners,
I would like to update all of our Stakeholders concerning the current operativity of Piovan Group during the medical emergency of COVID-19. Firstly, I want to reassure all of you that any choice and future activity have, as a primary aim, the health and safety of our Collaborators and of our Customers, duly following the regulations issued by the Governments where we operate.
All production sites, service & sales companies are operating with continuity.

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